Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa Cats!



Our cats are not quite in the holiday mood, but we're working on our little Scrooges. Could it be the Santa hat and beard making them so unhappy? Just wait until they find the little decorated Christmas tree in their litter box!

Have a happy and safe holiday everyone, and see you in the new year with fresh art!


  1. Oh my cats are SO jealous. I underestimated you Denny: you said you'd do it, but I thought you wouldn't. lololol. The gold one is already looking like he / she is plotting revenge!

  2. Hey Denny,

    They are definitely not amused! Ollie the dog just got his little santa hat today, he is oblivious, and he looks a cross between ridiculous and totally adorable! His stocking will be filled with milk-bones, and he knows it. He's being extra good this week!

    Have a very Merry Christmas and great holiday....Happy New Year too


  3. Lynda~ You're right, Tangent (she) is definitely plotting revenge. Tonight may be my last night in this realm...if I'm not posting in January please call the FBI.

  4. Kit~ oh please, oh please, post a picture of Ollie...I dare you!!

  5. Oh Genie've been up late posting and sipping at the egg nog again have ye Denny? Maybe that's what these fellas need. Very cute though...hope ye all have a happy Christmas...
    Seasons greeting from Ireland
    April ;)

  6. Hey Denny...heard of Goldfrapp? Got a nice video on my blogger painting blog...enjoy

  7. April, I've been sipping eggnog for a whole year now...I have special eggnog connections. I will visit your site today and check out Goldfrapp.


  8. Fine dressed cats. I can see they are right into it with a hum bug attitude.
    Merry Christmas to you and may God bless you this coming year.

  9. Thank you, Gary, and a Merry Chrismas to you too...looking forward to seeing more of Wyoming in your art in 2010.

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