Monday, March 15, 2010

Have a Drink on Me
Still in progress!

I was hoping to have this done by yesterday but the tapestry is taking so much time. I started a little bit on the skull itself and the reflections in the flask are about 50 percent done. Maybe I'll finish tomorrow, we'll see...


  1. Beautiful, rich colors on the fabric!

  2. The time you are putting into this certainly show, Denny; it is beautiful. Love the distorted skull in the reflection; given the curvature of the flask, its very effectively done.

  3. Bex~ you'll see this on Saturday when you come home!

    Lynda~ thank you, so many times I wished I had picked an easier fabric to paint, my art muscles are sore!

    Mr.Ordaz~ I agree, the flask in the set up almost disappears and is defined only by swirls and a few highlights...very weird. I have a feeling you'd knock this still life out in a few hours!

  4. I completed a series of etchings with deer skulls a few years back. I find sun bleached animal skulls to be objects of sublime beauty. Your piece is wonderful.

  5. Thank you, Teresa, I find them beautiful too. Sometimes they remind me of barren landscapes, of rocks carved and hollowed out by the wind.