Saturday, August 28, 2010

oil on canvas
36" x 36"

I'm slightly changing direction with my painting, leaving the exterior world behind for awhile and exploring the interior landscapes of well-appointed homes. It aligns with the material I teach in the interior design program at our college, but with more emphasis on the oil painting approach to rendering spaces that are beyond most our means. I'm also incorporating text into the images, bas relief style. I've got a solo show scheduled in April 2011 and hopefully this new body of work will warrant exhibiting at that time.

The painting above is an abstract sky painted a few years ago. I'll post new work next week.


  1. This painting makes me smile, Denny; such a nice feel to it. The sky is one of my favorite things, and I spend alot of time looking at it both day and night. This is a lovely work.

  2. Look forward to your show in 2011. Love the spaciousness of this work!

  3. Thanks, Lynda and Andrew, the sky has been a unifying theme in my work all along. If you look closely at the lower right corner and see the little yellow smudge, that's a picture of a boy in a yellow rain coat torn out of an old school primer from the sixties. I think it makes the sky above even grander in scale.

  4. That's the downside of viewing art on a computer screen: I missed that!
    I agree it increases the sense of scale, plus now this is a mixed media piece!