Friday, October 9, 2009

Bristlecone Pine sketch

This sketch was done at the Bristlecone National Forest in the White Mountains. My intentions were to sit with my paint box for a couple of hours and paint one of these trees, but the snow was coming in and I only had time to shoot a few photos and sketch. This is the first time I sketched in the snow with ski gloves on. It was a strange, awkward sensation.

We love it when the pavement ends.

Shawn sitting on his lunar rover.

The road to somewhere.

We arrived at the ancient forest where the oldest living things on earth reside. Some of these living trees are nearly 10,000 years old, quite remarkable to have these in our own California backyard. Even though I didn't get to paint one on site, I have some great reference photos and the memory of stepping back in geological and dendrological time.

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