Monday, October 26, 2009

Old Car

Last week I turned 50 and this scratchboard of this old Ford was Emily's gift to me. (Didn't she know I really wanted a 2010 Ford Mustang?) I think this is her subtle way of saying that I've become a "classic" and headed for the junkyard!

With all kidding aside, I think it is a beautiful work of art and it's displayed proudly on my dresser where I can look at it everyday. Emily has been enjoying college life at UCD where she's been milking cows and goats, flipping sheep, and chasing pigs. And still making art.


  1. That's a beautiful gift! I drove by Davis a couple weeks ago and thought, "man, there is really NOTHING out here." No wonder livestock are such an amusement.

  2. That's right, Jeremy, and on top of that it's really flat! We're spoiled by the hills and coast of the Bay Area.

  3. Aw Denny, cool birthday gift! hope it was happy!

  4. Hope you had a lovely birthday Denny. You don't look a day over forty lol. And certainly not ready for the scrap yard yet! Great gift.

  5. Thanks, April, I'll take forty...forty is good!

  6. Happy Belated birthday Denny-
    You don't look anywhere near 50!
    I think the artwork is fantastic! I think it shows an individual approach... Kudos to you and April!
    I think she is pointing out that you are a classic!

    David @ Ashfield Hansen Design

  7. Hey Denny,

    You're just a young pup. Many more miles to go if you catch my drift. I was wonderful to stumble onto your art site. I'm thinking I should do the same with this dismal market. Keep painting and smiling,

    Enchante, Shari Steele