Monday, October 12, 2009

Yesterday I took stock at the works in progress in my studio and realized that I'm still not putting enough hours on my work. This is something I'm still getting used to, now having the time to paint and make the best use of my time. I've been visiting a lot of other artists' blogs (you know who you are!) and have been blown away by the quality of work and output these artists have demonstrated. I feel I have so much catching up to do. As fall settles in, I'm hunkering down and pushing a lot harder on the studio work. I've got to if I'm going to amount to anything as far as my artwork is concerned. That means I'll probably cut down on my blogging to one or two posts a week so I can focus on my painting more.

I want to thank everyone who's followed along so far, checking in daily (or almost daily), commenting, etc...that means so much to me.


  1. That's one of those Catch 22 things, isn't it? I look at your blog every day to see any new art, but spending time on art means blogging less...We'll just have to visit you more!

  2. Babby~ The good thing is I'm going to go through that art supply gift card you gave me a lot faster!

  3. Denny-
    You're so-o-o good at blogging, but brilliant at painting! I think we understand that you have to give the painting some more love!
    I hope you and the family are well!
    David @ Ashfield Hansen Design

  4. Thanks, David~

    I promise I'll post some new material this weekend!

  5. Hi Denny as a fellow blogger I too know what a time thief it can be...but store up all your wonderful thoughts and images, and when time allows, we will be thrilled to follow along with your musings on "Pushing Paint and Thinking Stuff Up"!

  6. Kit~ I take a week off of blogging and I'm already missing it...but there's serious work to be done in the studio!