Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pescadero Creek
oil on panel
12" x 24"

Yesterday the coastal fog cleared and I headed down our coast to Pescadero beach which is a beautiful 40 minute drive from my house.  I was hoping to paint a few studies of the rock formations and breaking surf, however there was still a bank of fog hanging right on the beach so any hopes of painting there were soon dashed.  Across the highway, looking east and toward the little town of Pescadero, the fog was thinning over the marshland and the morning sun was just filtering through.  Pescadero Creek was absolutely shimmering sliver against the dark foreground like molten platinum and the effect was magical.  I felt the same exhilaration that  Church, Cole or Bierstadt may have felt more than a century ago as the landscape dances with the perfect light and creates magic.  I made a few quick studies, took notes and absorbed the land.  I finished the painting late last night in the studio, not wanting to let it rest and lose my momentum on the experience.  

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Coyote Point
oil on panel
12" x 16"
I'm getting a few recent plein air paintings ready to ship to their new owner, one of the loose ends I've put off since doing the 50-50 series.  I've also got a new painting in the works and sketches begun for another.  I'll post the progress on those soon.