Monday, February 22, 2010

Today was a ditch work day. I visited Briones Regional Park in the East Bay with my friend and fellow ditch-work-day artist Marty. Marty is a killer great bird artist and we meet regularly to hike and draw from nature. I brought along my watercolor kit and made a few small paintings.

After ruining a couple of watercolor sketches I moved to pencil sketching where I could again relax and get something halfway decent onto paper. I like making thumbnail sketches to help capture the composition of a subject quickly. We're going to meet up again next month and I plan to bring my oils and do a quick plein air study or two.


  1. Thumbnails are so important. I am looking at a composition in front of me thinking...why didn't I do a few first! lol
    It's only for the kitchen wall so I rushed into it...
    Lovely sketches and watercolour above.