Monday, August 16, 2010

The End of Summer (as I know it)

For those of you who know me personally, you probably have tired of me complaining about this winter-like weather here on the coast of Northern California. It's been a particularly chilling summer, and only here do we need to blast the furnace in August to chase the chill from our bones. That is why I look forward to the end of August as we slip quietly into the warm folds of September, my favorite time of year to be living on the ocean's edge. September is our summer and we actually crawl out of our holes and stare in wonder at the big bright thing in the sky.

So it is appropriate, and with some humor, that my sun painting was chosen for the cover of the latest issue of sPARKLE+bLINK, a lit magazine created by Evan Karp. Evan and his cohorts sponsor live poetry and fiction readings in San Francisco and publish the performed pieces in these series of books. Quite amazing and ambitious and I encourage you, dear readers of this blog, to find out more here! (Thanks, Evan, for bringing a little more sun into my August.)

Now, if you'll please excuse me, I need to bundle up and get to some  unfinished business in the studio...


  1. That'a a great painting Denny, congrats on the cover!

  2. Amazing painting Denny! The appearance itself should warm up chilly California. Haha! Though coming from 90 degrees and humid heat here in Michigan, I must say I welcomed the brisk California air when I was there a few weeks ago.
    Congratulations on the cover!

  3. Fantastic fiery orb!! Congrats on getting your work on a mag cover, cool! It was 106 degrees here today. Just saying.

  4. Erik, thanks, a good friend of mine bought that sun so now I get to visit it when I want.

    Dianna, thank you too, I knew my post would bring out the warm weather folk!

    Silvina, thanks! That kind of heat is the one thing I don't miss from living in SoCal. Although it was more bearable when I was a kid.

  5. that does make a great cover. Congratulations on that.
    It has too been a cool summer here in NW Wyoming. Was 32 this morning with frost.