Friday, October 8, 2010

The Wedding Gift (Study)
oil on illustration board
9" x 9"

This raku-fired vase was a wedding gift from Paul (April's college friend) given to us twenty six years ago and it has been a favorite of ours the whole time. This morning I decided to do a two hour study of the vase, it's something I've been meaning to do for, well...twenty six years. Better late than never?


  1. Very interesting piece! I like the striking black & white vase against the more delicate hues of the fabric. Unexpected.

  2. Thank you, Silvina...I'd like to make a more developed version on this sometime in the near future, but I realize I really need to work on painting fabric and all its subtleties.

  3. When I painted my veggie series, I didn't focus too much on duplicating the pattern on the textiles. I used artistic license to interpret what I saw, moving a dot here, a curve there... to lead the eye or create a flow. I think you've done that to great effect here.

  4. Love this painting Denny. You have captured the spirit of the little raku vase and the light falling on it. I love this background and the toile wallpaper with figs ... both lend that air of decorative artifice which I love!

    hope all goes well with you into the new school year!!