Thursday, January 26, 2012

The New Ark

Well after a year of not working on this sculpture I'm back on it again and actually moving along on it fairly quickly. I've spent so much of my art-making time this past year focused on painting that this has fallen to the back burner. (Oh well, I'm not really a sculptor, so I don't feel too bad!) Anyway, I'm having fun again with this piece and I'm even starting to create a little story about it in my mind. The brain does tend to take you to strange places when spending quiet hours on building something like this. I might write a short story or create a series of paintings to go along with it, who knows. That's one of the side benefits of making art, I find, the mental excursions that can be experienced and how one idea can cross over multiple disciplines.

The hull is ready to be clad. The cardboard mock-up of the skyline helps me figure out shapes and mass. The finished city will be a lot more refined, I promise!

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