Monday, April 23, 2012

"The cities are still down there, of course- the buildings, streets, grocery stores, schools, all of that.  We glide silently overhead with our big ships the way airplanes would pass over us, before all of this.  Now we leave wakes instead of contrails and rake long shadows across the submerged topography.  The skies were replaced with water- slowly at first, then with maddening speed- as the relentless rains purged and the oceans’ surfaces rose to new, unbelievable heights.   Sometimes I dream of the people who didn’t make it to the ships, still in their houses, deep below the light’s reach. I can feel it in my sleep, when we’re above them, the whole cities, countless suburban clusters, and rural farms, which now exist nearly a mile below. I live my life on the surface, floating over an invisible landscape that is now home to several million ghosts."

Exerpt, The Chronicles of Petroleous 

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