Monday, July 13, 2009

Nectarine and Knife
6" x 8"
oil on panel

I painted this yesterday, wanted to get away from the bird thing a bit. April is in Mexico with her mom this week so the house is very quiet and I'm sure I'll get a lot done. After Between Two Worlds is finished, I'm planning to get back to more landscape work and small objects like in this painting. This afternoon I'm working on my 50/50 bird book, hopefully I'll have copies at the reception.


  1. Hello Denny,
    Recently spoke to Frank Ordaz who referred me to your blog. Glad he did. Your bird series is beautiful.

  2. Thanks for checking in Silvina (and thanks to Frank too...) I'm glad you enjoyed the birds, please check in anytime!

  3. I like the fabric in the background, and the nectarine is so tempting. How do you work so quickly?? The Between Two Worlds postings are fascinating to see your process. You are such a wonderful artist, this is so much fun to have an inside window into your work.

  4. very nice Denny. Love the color combinations you chose.