Monday, July 6, 2009

Swan Song
6" x 6"
Painting #50

That's it- 50 birds! Done! They are all arranged on my studio wall awaiting installation at the Sanchez Art Center, bursting with color yet strangely silent. There should be some sort of chirping soundtrack to go along with these birds. Tomorrow I'll post a group photo of the paintings along with some comments about this whole process. And yes, (to answer a common question from the visitors of this blog) I will continue posting about my journey along the art trail.

Don't forget to mark your calendars for the opening blowout:

50/50 Show

Friday, July 24, 7-9 PM

Sanchez Art Center
1220 B Linda Mar Blvd., Pacifica, California, 94044


  1. I happy you've finished your bird journey, but bummed I won't have my daily dose of Denny's birds! We can't make the opening (Rachel has a play that night). I assume the paintings will be up for a bit? We want to see them all in person.

    Wonderful job on these paintings. I am really blown away by your talent.


  2. Congratulations, Skeletor! A Magnum Opus, indeed. Can't wait for the show!