Friday, July 24, 2009

20 x 20 x 2.5
acrylic, oil, graphite, and silver leaf on wood

I've been adding architectural elements to many of my paintings over the years. Like the oriole above, I'll often cut out a corner and add a "support column" of a section of a tree branch. I enjoy this blending of painting and sculpture a lot, in fact, I have an idea in the works for another starling painting that will incorporate a nest of silver-leafed branches. I was influenced by my visit to the Uffizi in Florence by all the beautifully painted and guilded altars on display. I'd like to make some altars of my own which speak of the spirituality and mythology that birds bring to us.


  1. To display this, do you set it on a table or can it still hang on a wall? I love the background.

  2. It hangs on the wall, but you could also stand it up on a table or shelf, preferably against a wall...

  3. I feel like I never have anything intelligent to say beyond, "how gorgeous is that!" But I'll say it anyway, just gorgeous. The architectual element adds so much to an already stunning peice.

  4. I like how both the bird and the painting "perch". I love this piece. April

  5. Nice one Denny. How did the show go? Sounds like you were pretty happy with it.
    I was wondering how your birds are hung as they have no frames?

  6. Thanks, Gary...there's a little hole in the back of the panel, the painting (which is very lightweight) stays in place with a nail and museum putty.