Friday, July 17, 2009


Bird Woman

Here's a peek at a few pages from my current sketchbook. You'll find more free-form subject matter that's usually not found in my finished work. My sketchbook is an arena where most anything goes and a lot of quick thoughts and experimentation with various media takes place.

Man under the weather...

I like these sketchbooks because the paper is thick and slightly yellow giving my drawings a look of antiquity.

Surreal Seating

Today I'm busy, I'm adding the finishing touches to my 50/50 Birds book and finishing the sky in the Between Two Worlds painting. Then we're off to Carmel Valley tomorrow to visit friends.


  1. These are fine works. i like the yellowing of the pages as well. I especially like the work "surreal seating" very impressive body of work here.
    Happy to have found you here on this great WWW

  2. Thanks,Gary, I'm glad you stopped by...and it looks like we like some of the same blogs too!

  3. Denny I want your notebook! I could frame these as is and be happy, great work! thanks for posting for us