Wednesday, April 28, 2010

oil on Arches paper
22" x 30"

"Awakening from the stupefying effects of the vice of over-industry and the deadly apathy of luxury, they (the people; mankind) are trying as best they can to mix and enrich their own little ongoings with those of nature, and to get rid of rust and disease."

Those words written over a hundred years ago by John Muir in his essay, The Wild Parks and Forest Reservations of the West, still ring true today. We still need wilderness in our lives, more now than ever before. It's kind of funny to think Muir felt the encroachment of man over wilderness back in his day- if he could only see our situation now. With our population in California bursting and development churning away at our precious and limited areas of open space , it's even more critical that we keep a keen and wary eye on the remaining wilderness around us.

It is with great honor to be a part of the land preservation movement by serving on the Board of Directors of the Seaborg Open Space Fund. The mission of the Seaborg Fund (Formed by David Seaborg in honor of his father, Glenn Seaborg, UC Chancellor and discoverer of Plutonium), is simply to bring together people and organizations with the desire to preserve open space in California and to educate the public on relative matters.

As an artist who finds inspiration in the beauty of natural California, I encourage you to visit the Seaborg Fund website and hopefully get inspired yourself.


  1. Denny, thanks for valuing our natural environment!

    This painting is great - the water looks so slippery and wet. Did you use a lot of medium to get this effect?

  2. Thanks, Jeremy...I did use a lot of Liquin medium, plus I used my fingers to paint! BTW, your fruit studies are looking good!

  3. This is beautiful ~ and for an important cause too. Take care to protect yourself from toxins while finger-painting : )

  4. Don't worry Donna, they don't call me the Toxic Avenger for nothing.

  5. This is lovely, Denny. How wonderful that you give time to such a good cause. Within several miles from my home in different directions the forest is being stripped, and oil rigs are going breaks my heart.

  6. Beautiful painting and a good cause Mr Toxic Avenger :)
    How did you prepare the paper?

  7. Erik~ I applied three coats of acrylic gesso to the paper.

    Thanks for checking in,

    Mr. Avenger