Monday, July 5, 2010

Lux Aeterna
(Painting #50)

6" x 6"
oil on canvas panel

Like moths to the flame, we desire the light.

This painting ends this journey of 50 works, thanks to all of you for following along on with this series, I'm touched by your comments and support. And to those of you who have bought paintings already, I really appreciate that you've found something in my work that you'd want to bring home.

Now it's time to go beach camping!


  1. congratuations Denny. A job well done and what an appropriate painting to finish your quest.

  2. amazing! you did it and with style and imagination as per usual! go enjoy the beach and get energized and ready to get back to painting and creating and inspiring!

  3. Congratulations Denny,
    It's been quite a journey and it was a pleasure to see a new painting in my blog reader every day.
    Enjoy the beach!

  4. Great job! Another series of 50 completed. Amazing and inspiring.

  5. Denny, I'm tempted to ask what you're planning next, but you probably think you've earned a rest before you contemplate your next move! Congratulations on completing your 50 works - it's pleasing to see "Sold" stickers on a good number of them.

  6. Thanks, Silvina and Pete~ I just got back from camping and fully refreshed. I need to get classically trained in some areas such as figure drawing and painting where I'm seriously stale, so I might take some classes. Also, I've got a solo show in 2011 so I'm going to get started on that, as well.