Saturday, July 17, 2010

Works in progress...

With 50/50 behind me, I'm now focusing on new work and exercising different parts of my brain (which needs a lot of exercise at this point...but that's another story). I've got a painting (above) on the easel that I'm almost done with. It's a view from our living room window facing the sunrise. It measures 18 x 36 so there's plenty of room for loose brushwork. After working on 6 x 6 panels for 7 weeks this feels like a mural!

My other project, which is quite ambitious and started before 50/50, is the New Ark sculpture. It exercises the more analytical/spacial problem solving part of my head. New Ark is basically a very large ship model built from scrap, using a lot of actual ship building techniques. This morning I will finish drafting the bulkhead templates (35 of them) and in a few days begin to cut them out of plywood. Pictures to follow. Below are in progress photos of the cardboard mock up of the ship. Basically New Ark is a freighter that carries a city on its deck. Based on the Egyptian concept of A Ship of Millions of Years, the idea of New Ark is about our collective souls transporting into another realm spiritually. Obvious conclusions of Noah's Ark can be drawn and applied as well.


  1. This New Ark is a fascinating project. I look forward to seeing its progression.

  2. The painting already looks great! Interesting "New Ark" project Denny with its metaphorical insights which seems to refer to our present collective ascending transition.