Sunday, March 7, 2010

Work in progress...

It has been a very busy week, so I haven't put a lot of time into my artwork since my last post ten days ago. But I did get started on this small still life which I will finish by the end of this week since I have a few days off. There are many challenges in this set-up: the busy fabric pattern, the distorted raccoon skull in the flask, all play into a visual puzzle that is going to test my skill level. I think I'm going to call this one "Have a Drink on Me". See you at the other side of this week, everyone!

This week's studio music:
Midnight Oil- Diesel and Dust
Sheila Chandra- ABoneCroneDrone


  1. An interesting composition indeed Denny and I wish you luck with it. Did the Racoon have too much to drink? lol

  2. An intriguing composition, Denny. I look forward to seeing it when you have it completed.

  3. April~ that raccoon was definitely pickled.

    Lynda~ Stop by later this week, already this painting is moving along well. I have a good feeling about this one (famous last words).

  4. Hello Denny-
    I think you have (so far) achieved what art is supposed to be about...Bringing a new life to an existing subject matter! Well Done!
    I will have to get that Diesel & Dust disc out...It's been awhile!
    David @ Ashfield Hansen Design

  5. This has a very luminous quality, and I love your proposed title!

  6. David~thanks for your always kind words...yeah, that album still sounds good.

    Jeremy~ Title after one of my favorite AC/DC songs of all time...I know...I'll never grow up.

  7. Alas, poor Rocky! Interesting subject Denny.

  8. Wish me luck on this one, Pete, I may need to empty the contents of that flask when it's all said and done...if you know what I mean.

  9. Hey DH!~ Excellent raccoon and flask. Those paint by number kits are really paying off!

    No kidding - you're stuff just gets better and better, although in this case, I think I sometimes feel must like the raccoon...

  10. SC~ Paint -by-number kits are my salvation! See you in your studio on Friday...

  11. What a cool painting! Keep on rockin' on Daddy!

  12. great reflective painting and very cool as usual! have fun, and have a great weekend!