Sunday, March 28, 2010

6" x 8"
oil on panel

The submission deadline for this year's 50/50 show is fast approaching. If I get in, my theme this time will be "Objects of Desire". That should give me a wide array of subject matter to work with. Our girls were home on spring break this week so I took them out to buy truffles and kept a few handy to paint. They started to melt under the lamp, but I was able to capture them with paint before tragedy ensued. In my outlook on the world, chocolate truffles would certainly qualify as "Objects of Desire".

Studio music this week:

Pat Metheny- The Way Up and As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls


  1. Oh Denny, Oh Denny Oh DENNY!!!! CHOCOLATE!!! NOW you're talking my language!!! Tell me, did you eat them afterwards?
    A beautiful and simply irrestible painting that I want to EAT! The colours are very rich, sumptious and the reflections tempt the viewer in for a closer look. You've nailed this one for sure in my books!

  2. This makes me smile, Denny. Such wonderfully warm colors, and the reflections in the table's surface are beautiful.

  3. April and Lynda~ I'm so glad one little painting can bring such joy to the both of you...and calorie free too! Thanks so much!

  4. ...Oh, I forgot to mention, I did eat them. It was my motivation to finishing!

  5. So much joy to the eye feeds the soul...thankfully not the body! Keep painting calorie free paintings...they're yummy!! LOL

  6. Excellent painting - I really like the texture and depth of color in the table. Did anyone offer to lick up the "tragedy" when you were finished?

    By the way, Pat Metheney is a great music choice. If you like a lot of jazz, check out - they stream through iTunes - no commercials, all jazz.

  7. Jeremy~ Do you think I'd let anyone near those truffles? I licked it up!
    Hey, thanks for the tip on the jazzandblues site, I will definitely tune in.
    Thanks for your kind words.

  8. Yum these look delicious Denny!! Lucky you, you got truffles all I got were deviled eggs.
    ~lizzy ;D

  9. Just in time! I NEED chocolate RIGHT NOW!!

    great painting Denny!



  10. Sunshine~ Deviled eggs are not that bad, especially when dipped in chocolate...

  11. I can't wait to see what your 50 objects of desire are going to be! I sure hope to be accepted with you in the 50/50! I have an idea I'm excited about too... Why doesn't my photo ever attach on your site???

  12. Donna~ Here's to getting in to 50/50 again! I don't know why your photo doesn't show up. I do know there's serious flaws with blogspot- some of the bloggers like April Jarocka's and A Painter's Room blogs don't ever update though they both regularly post....