Wednesday, May 19, 2010

(Painting #3)

oil on canvas panel
6" x 6"

This is a shell I found on a beach in Kauai thirty years ago and since then it has sat on a shelf in our bathroom. Why do we decorate our bathrooms with seashells- what started that trend?


  1. Off and running! You are rocking again my friend! Love the paintings! So excited to get my coffee in the morning and check out what desirable things have emerged from your studio during the night. Onward and Thanks - Shawn

  2. Shawn~ glad to make your morning and hey, when are we going to get to the coast?

  3. Wow Denny ~ You're flying it as they say in Ireland. I am so impressed. And selling as you're painting..even more impressed. Do they come framed?
    All the best with tomorrow's painting.

  4. AJ~ they don't come framed, but the edges are cleaned up and painted black. Most people who bought my 50/50 birds last year simply hung them on the wall without frames, though a few did get framed. The sales are nice, of course, but if these are the only two that sell over the course, then I'll still consider this a success...the rhythm, practice, and daily fun is what it's all about.

  5. Well I think it's something every artist should try at some point. As you say if anything for the practice and daily fun.