Saturday, May 29, 2010

(Painting #13)

6" x 6"
oil on canvas panel

With just these three colors whole new worlds are created...


  1. My grandfather was an artist and he only bought these three tubes of paint... and black and white. In his later years he entertained for the USO in a show called "Paint Your Blues Away." He'd wear a black hood and paint a painting ( most usually of the California or Oregon coastline about 10x17 in 3 minutes — then give the paintings to the servicemen. They had to buy the frame though.

  2. Leslie~ what an incredible story- thanks for sharing! I'm curious about the black hood, was it to keep his anonymity?

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  4. Take 2 - I love the way the paint looks smokin' hot coming from those great tubes. Nice painting of paint.

  5. Thanks, Donna, and speaking of smokin' hot, wait till you see today's painting.

  6. He wasn't supposed to see the canvas. ( I think he could, but I hate to think about that.) Nevertheless, painting it in 3 minutes was talent!