Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bubble Wrap
(Painting # 11)

6" x 6"
oil on canvas panel

A desire or a compulsion? I found a piece of bubble wrap under my workbench and shot a close up of it with my camera. I placed the wrap against a black background and moved the lights in close. This created a pattern that was very extreme in terms of values and abstraction. The patterns of the plastic allowed for a very fluid approach to painting, which was a lot of fun. I might make a larger version of this after 50/50.


  1. I really like the abstraction in this one - very neat.

  2. Thanks Jeremy, and your studies are coming along well on your blog.

  3. I agree...Jeremy's work is really amazing. I see a successful painter in the making here..
    Oh...sorry. Denny...lovely piece. Does my eyes in looking at it. One you have to look at from a distance though to see what it is...
    Bubble wrap...oh object of desire your exploration on this topic. I would have been thinking chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!!

  4. April, the chocolate is coming, not to worry...hey, how did your opening go? I'm going to swing by and see if you've got pictures yet of your show.