Monday, August 24, 2009

Global warming?

My friend Kit over at Chic Provence posted last week about bringing round forms into our square and rectangular spaces and that got me to thinking about our collections (some of them with round objects) and how we go about displaying them. My collection of vintage globes (all round, of course!) spill out of our fireplace creating an interesting arrangement while tossing a little humor at the viewer at the same time. Here are a few more collections in our home:

Our Day of the Dead pool balls are content in a dish we bought in Radda in Chianti.

April's extensive and expensive doll collection was in dire need of a better home. It was lost in this out-dated dark wood cabinet for years. To remedy the problem we simply painted the cabinet and added interior lighting. Now the dolls are not as creepy when they stare at you, but I'm still convinced some of them come out at night.

What treasures at home do you have that could be displayed with more impact?


  1. Hey Denny! You know I love the globes spilling out of the fireplace, they just make me smile!

    The dolls do come out at night, that's just a fact! April knows this.

    My "treasures" are the usual stuff: shells, driftwood, silver, mismatched teacups...nothing too-too! I am sure you could create art out of anything!

  2. Hey Kit~ back at you- I figured how to link to your site in my text content. I am evolving!

  3. blogger evolution...we are all there! crawling up out of the sea together! thanks so much!

  4. Hi Denny. That photo of your globes in the fireplace is a stark reminder of our planet each time we light our fire here in Ireland (only in the winter of course, which is all year round!!)Love the analogy about having round forms about the home...there are a few of those in my house lounging about for sure on rainy days here.