Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A 75K kitchen on a 50 cent piece of paper...

This drawing was created with Prismacolor markers and pencils, it took about ten hours to complete. I demonstrate this exercise to my advanced class and spend two class sessions doing so, just because of all the complex elements involved. In this picture we're dealing with gradient planes, reflective surfaces, a variety of materials, perspective, and different lighting sources all rendered by hand with the pencils and markers. It's a grueling assignment to get through but in the end, my students come away with achieving a great deal.


  1. Prisma colour...a brand we don't get here in Ireland or UK. I've heard they are very good. I've been experimenting with all sorts of brands from cheap to expensive but I'm still left with the belief that Prismacolour - sorry...color will fill that gap for my illos.
    Lovely drawings Denny


  2. Do you find these drawings becoming obsolete in the day of 3D renderings and photoshop comps, or do they still give you something the others don't?

  3. Thank you April, I'm surprised you can't get them in Ireland.. .
    The Prismacolor pencils are softer than the normal pencils and they allow for terrific blending and layering of your colo(u)r.

  4. Jeremy, I have that very discussion with my students. I think they're closer to art, show the "hand", and have soul. We do rely heavily on computer generated images, but doing by hand gives the student real insight to the illustrating process.

  5. I am amazed that in this age of computer programs there are still artists who will discipline themselves to render a picture like this with such accuracy. Commendable.

    Is that an Alessi kettle on the stove? I bought one about 20 yrs ago and just found out I couldn't afford to buy one again. I think I'll go polish it.

    btw; where in Chatsworth did you grow up? I was off of Devonshire and Lassen.

  6. Silvina~ yes it is an Alessi and do hold on to it, it may fund your retirement.

    I grew up at the end of Devonshire in the Rockpoint development. Lived there on Larwin Ave. right next to Chatsworth Park North from 1970-78. Then moved to an apartment on Lassen across the old Fisher Audio facilities until 1980 when I moved to San Francisco for college. I attended Lawrence middle school and Chatsworth HS. It was a great area to grow up in, many fond memories!

  7. Wow! I attended Lawrence (junior high) and Chatsworth H.S. too. Small world.