Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just another day at the office...

No cube farm for me baby, no way. I never had an interest in the corporate world and What Color Is Your Parachute? could have been written by a slobbering biomorhpic alien for all I care. It's all about the studio and what comes out if it that interests me, not a desk job. But certain responsibilities are attached to being a solvent (no pun intended...well maybe a little) artist in this day and age. I never bought into the suffering artist myth and I've always believed a successful artist carries a strong work ethic. Also, an artist needs to know basic business skills and have a firm understanding on how to handle his or her money. These are themes I'll expand upon over time as this blog develops. I believe an artist can be successfull in many different ways, not measured only by sales of artwork.

I'm busy packing for my trip to the Sierra in two days and looking forward to "sharpening the saw" as author Stephen Covey puts it. I'm so hungry for granite walls and alpine meadows now....rrrrrrooooowwww!!

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