Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Light at Mono Lake
32 x 47
oil on panel

Just finished watching the first installment of Ken Burns' doc on the national parks highlighting the induction of Yosemite and Yellowstone as national parks. Perfect timing because I'm going camping in the Sierra on Friday with my pal Shawn. Five days visiting Yosemite, Mono lake, Obsidian Dome, the high desert, Bridgeport, and long stretches of dirt roads into hidden canyons.

Do not worry my friends, take refuge in the knowledge that I will be sufficiently geared with camera, sketchbook, pochade box, food, sleeping bag, and the writings of John Muir.


  1. Beautiful painting. Have fun on the trip - I love that area.

  2. Thanks, Jeremy, it's an annual trip we've been taking for about ten years now.