Friday, September 18, 2009

Watercolor interior

Why are we doing these by hand when it's so much faster to create them on the computer? That question is a common one in my classes. True, clients probably aren't going to pay you to sit for hours to render a complex concept image of their design project. What I try to convey to my students is that they need to develop the skills to sit and draw out a quick sketch of an interior arrangement, a piece of furniture, a built-in, etc., on a piece of paper in front of their client. It's all about visual communication from the designer to the client.

The best visual presentations combine both digital and hand rendered images. The parts done by hand add a certain warmth, style, and soul to the project. And sometimes a little eye candy will seal the deal.

On another note, this weekend April and I officially become empty-nesters. Emily leaves for UC Davis on Sunday so in celebration of all her hard work, I will highlight her artwork here next week.


  1. Denny - WOW! Your talent never ceases to amaze me. THese are brilliant. I could just walk into that room and envelop myself in that sofa.


  2. Thanks, Barb, you're so sweet! April and I are looking forward to having dinner with you and David in the near future. Congrats on the official launch of the Design Squared blog!

  3. Hey Denny, love the cowhide ottoman! tres chic! Your drawings are wonderful as always...

  4. Thank you Kit! But don't you mean tres cow-chic?