Tuesday, June 14, 2011

50-50 Sweets, Glorious Sweets!

Painting 1

Sweet Kiss
oil on panel
6" x 6"


And away we go! For the third year in a row I'm putting myself through an incredible artistic challenge (or is it self-flagellation?) by painting 50 works of art in 50 days. This year my approach will be a bit different because of travel plans in July and the fact that I am pushing my realism to a whole new level, so most of my paintings will take more than one day to produce. I plan to work on three at a time, so there may be some breaks in the daily posting, but rest assured, they will all get done in the 50 day block.

This year I'm indulging in the caloric-heavy world of candies, pies, cakes, etc. This includes all things sugary and sickeningly sweet, nothing will be off limits. Like before, if you see a painting you would like to purchase, you may reserve it ahead of time by contacting me. The show hangs at the Sanchez Art Center in late August.

I hope you'll follow along on this trip through Candyland.



  1. A great start Denny! I assume you'll be eating your painting subjects after each daily sitting? Looking forward to the weigh-in on day 51!

  2. Pete, I'm hitting the gym double-time through this!!

  3. Nice foil man! and sold already? It's gonna be a great run for your this year - I can already tell.

  4. Aahhh....when I started my chocolate series I remember saying a sentence that involved the word "gym, times, three and week!" Pity I left out the words ~ "will, go, to and I" Hahaha.
    I ate my way through my series of chocolate paintings and am still hitting the roads every day! Good luck, love this first one. It's very soft and I can't believe you've a show already lined up. Great stuff.

  5. Off to a great start, I see! Lizzy and I look forward to this every summer.

  6. Thanks guys, I'm glad you're already enjoying the show!