Saturday, June 18, 2011

Painting #5

The Vortex
oil on panel
6" x 6"


I used two scaled people (used for architectural models) in the set up for this painting to create a doughnut that is larger than life.  It reminds me of the TV show The Time Machine that I watched when I was a little kid- people would walk down this swirling tunnel and end up fighting pirates or find themselves having just assassinated Abe Lincoln, or something to that effect.  Hence the title Vortex, this chocolate glazed sucks you in and delivers you to a world so unspeakable, yet so delicious.



  1. This is how I felt today in the aisle at Costco that sells the Dunford Doughnuts.

  2. Beautiful, Leslie, sounds like a fitting moment in a short story, you know, where there's all that character transformation going on!