Monday, June 6, 2011

Mori Point
oil on panel
6" x 8"

It still feels like winter around here.


  1. Beautiful! One of my favorite spots to paint and yours looks so much different than mine.

  2. The paintings are looking fabulous Denny...keep it up, I do love it when you share.

  3. Thanks, April and Donna, I've been a bit slow in the studio the last few months but things are about to get very busy!

  4. Glad you are posting more.The dark threatening sky is very interesting. A little winter weather would be great, its been about 100 here lately. Where and what level do you teach?

  5. Douglas, I teach drawing and presentation techniques for interior design students at a local community college. I know Texas has been broiling, my mother and sister live in Austin and they like to keep me posted on their weather. Here, it's fog season on the coast so temps hoover around 58 degrees.
    I'll be posting more work once 50-50 starts next week...thanks for checking in!